DRT Provides Eurovia With Plant-Based Fuel For Bituminous Mixes Production

DRT, the French specialist of pine chemistry, has been supplying more than twenty different industrial sectors for more than 80 years with high value plant-based products, offering alternatives to fossil sources. 

DRT recently provided Eurovia - one of the global leaders of transport infrastructure construction and urban development – with the DERTAL G

Eurovia integrated this plant-based fuel in the production of its bituminous mixes on its mobile facilities.

Ranked among the world’s leaders in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin, DRT is characterized by its ability to add high value to these essence’s derivatives. 

Thanks to an historical know-how and years of experience, this French company has been exporting its production around the world, attracting numerous industrial firms.

Eurovia stands as a precursor by replacing the heavy fuel, used in bituminous’ mixes, by the DERTAL G: a 100% bio-sourced fuel deriving from co-products of the paper industry produced by DRT.

« As a part of its environmental policy, Eurovia is deeply committed to resources saving thanks to its recycling process. 

DERTAL G is a plant-based fuel which – with the appropriate storage conditions and combusting device settings – can substitute itself to any fossil fuels without any loss of performance » explains Thibault Lauze, Equipment Engineer at Eurovia.

« Within the framework of our collaboration, we are not simply providing chemical ingredients but we also help our customers all along the transition process from the old fossil fuels to the bio ones. 

For instance, we worked in collaboration with Eurovia’s teams and conducted together all the necessary tests in order to validate the security aspects of the DERTAL G use in bituminous production”, explains Benjamin Léger, Energy Market Manager of the energy segment.