Greenbelt Resources Feedstock Testing For BarrelHouse Brewery Finds Trub Suitable For PRECO

Paso Robles, CA - October 31, 2017 - Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) (Greenbelt) has completed feedstock feasibility testing of trub (brewery waste) for BarrelHouse Brewery. Greenbelt Chief Technology Officer Floyd Butterfield says the ethanol derived from trub, as well as the high protein animal feed, met the highest quality. 

The trub-based bioethanol was tested using Greenbelt's interconnected waste-to-energy process, known as "ECOsystem," which will be used in their Paso Robles ECOsystem (PRECO) operation.

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There are several criteria that must be met to determine the feasibility of a feedstock: percentage of ethanol extracted from the feedstock, its distillation profile and lack of contaminants. 

Butterfield says, "In this case, trub meets all the criteria and when utilized with Greenbelt's ECOsystem process, is economically suitable as well."

Greenbelt's waste-to-energy technology can help provide positive economic conditions. 

The plant can produce between 500,000 to 1 million gallons of ethanol annually. 

The system is feedstock agnostic and suitable for unusual or "boutique" waste-based seasonal feedstocks. 

The ECOsystem process can produce bioethanol and co-products from different local feedstocks without interruption. Ideally the resulting bioproducts are purchased by local businesses and sold and consumed within the local community.

"Greenbelt's process provides for a cost competitive and environmentally friendly alternative to current trub disposal methods, " explains Greenbelt CEO Darren Eng

"With many food waste-based feedstocks, like trub, the producer, in this case the brewery, must pay to have trub picked up and delivered to a facility for proper disposal; a drain brewery profits."

"Knowing that trub is a suitable feedstock for Greenbelt's PRECO project opens up a new opportunity for BarrelHouse in part because environmental responsibility is also a core mission," says Jason Carvalho, BarrelHouse Brewery CEO. 

"We are exploring more sustainable and scalable disposal options. Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint when brewing our highly sought after beer."

Both Eng and Butterfield see an innovative economic model emerging that will assist small businesses with substance disposal, improve profit margins and reduce negative environmental impact. 

"In this model, feedstock disposal and acquisition are reduced and profit is increased for both parties," says Butterfield. 

"Now economics are right for feedstocks like trub to be viable and in demand."

Greenbelt has been conducting feedstock evaluation for several years and has successfully tested a wide variety of feedstocks including winery waste, pomegranates, almond hulls, molasses, soda wastes, contaminated ethanol and more.