Iowa FAST STOP Stations Raise $3,700 For Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

Johnston, IA, – Ten Iowa FAST STOP fuel stations were responsible for nearly one-third of all funds raised for the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association’s (IRFA) second-annual Pink at the Pump™ campaign.

From Oct. 1 through Oct. 31 the stations donated three cents of every gallon of E15 sold to National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and The Hormel Institute

By the close of the Pink at the Pump™ promotion, co-sponsored by IRFA and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, the ten FAST STOP stations raised a combined total of $3,700

“FAST STOP has been one of our most enthusiastic participants in the campaign since we first started Pink at the Pump™ last year,” said IRFA Managing Director Lucy Norton

“The campaign is a great opportunity for E15 retailers to join forces with a worthy cause to raise awareness of how E15 can help reduce human exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.”

NBCF provides help and inspires hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. 

The Hormel Institute is a global, cutting-edge research facility with a seven-decade history of making significant scientific discoveries on better ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. 

Overall, Pink at the Pump™ participants raised $11,500 for the two organizations.

E15 is a fuel blend containing 15 percent ethanol, just five percent more ethanol than E10, the most commonly used fuel in the U.S. E15 is an 88-octane fuel that burns cleaner than E10 and E0. 

In addition, it is often sold at a 5 to 10-cent per-gallon discount to E10, and is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in all 2001 and newer vehicles. 

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