Gevo, Inc. Gives Exclusive Right to Supply Isobutanol Blends to Great Houston, TX Area to Musket Corporation

Englewood, CO - Feb. 08, 2018 - Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ:GEVO), announced today that it has strengthened its existing relationship with Musket Corporation, a national fuel distributor under the umbrella of the Love’s Family of Companies, by amending its existing isobutanol supply agreement to provide Musket with the exclusive right to sell Gevo’s renewable isobutanol within a 300 mile radius of Houston, Texas.  

This agreement establishes a market region that encompasses Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma, Louisiana, as well as the majority of South and East Texas.

Musket began distribution of isobutanol gasoline blends in the Houston area in late 2016. 

Their ability to source, transport and blend fuels has led to rapid growth in and around Houston.  

Houston is classified as a Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) market under the EPA guidelines.  

Nearly all RFG gasoline is formulated with ethanol as the oxygenate.  

Isobutanol enables an ethanol free blended gasoline in RFG areas that meet all the EPA guidelines. 

“Gasoline made with isobutanol is another offering we can provide to the marketplace to meet demand in RFG areas. 

"We are pleased to expand our relationship and region with Gevo,” said JP Fjeld-Hansen, vice president of Musket.

“We believe Musket is an excellent partner to expand the use of isobutanol in gasoline blends for the ethanol free gasoline market in Houston and adjacent areas.  

"Musket has a strong national market reach in the fuel distribution arena and is well positioned to grow the market.  

"This exclusive arrangement incents Musket and Gevo to continue their collaborative marketing efforts, and it is expected to deliver a bigger network of distribution and retail outlets as demand for these ethanol free gasoline products develops,” said Dr. Patrick Gruber, Chief Executive Officer of Gevo. 

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