IA Biofuels Industry Asks President Trump to Stand Strong on Renewable Fuel Standard

Nevada, IA - March 10, 2018 – Farmers, biofuels producers and Iowa families rallied today in Iowa to send a message to President Trump: Stand strong on your pledge to support the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), and reject proposals to bail out oil refiners at the expense of Iowa farmers.

Biofuels supporters gathered at a farm in Nevada, Iowa for “Refueling America” to hear about efforts by oil-state senators on Capitol Hill that are threatening the future homegrown biofuels and farms here in Iowa. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has led a campaign to roll back the RFS and remove responsibility by oil refiners to comply with the law, jeopardizing thousands of jobs and family farms across the Midwest.

The proposal – which would virtually eliminate all incentives for refiners to blend homegrown biofuels – has been the subject of recent meetings between administration officials, senators and industry leaders.

“We need President Trump to hear from you. He’s heard from Ted Cruz. Now he needs to hear from rural America,” POET Biorefining – Coon Rapids General Manager Bill Howell said. 

“We heard the President campaign here in Iowa and elsewhere, promising he would preserve the Renewable Fuel Standard and stand with farmers. 

"This is his opportunity to do just that. 

"We’re calling on President Trump to keep his promise.”

Farmers today are facing a fourth straight year of income decline. Land values continue to drop and farm debt is rising. 

A study this week from Iowa State University shows that the Cruz oil refinery bailout plan would drop corn prices by another 25 cents per bushel.

“Folks in Washington forget that American-made biofuels play a pivotal role in our economy,” Howell said. 

“Biofuels support jobs and wages in rural communities. 

"Biofuels grow domestic and international markets for ag commodities. 

"Biofuels lift grain prices. In fact, for lots of farmers, biofuels can sometimes make the difference between breaking even and going bust.”

During the rally, biofuels supporters signed a letter to President Trump asking him to stand by his promise to protect the RFS and put American-made biofuels first. 

Last summer, President Trump stated “We’re saving your ethanol industries in the state of Iowa, just like I promised I would do in my campaign.”

A recording of “Refueling America” is available on YouTube.

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