POET Releases New Radio Ad Commending President Trump's Plan to Lift E15 Restrictions

Sioux Falls, SD - May 1, 2018 – A new radio ad from POET, the world’s largest biofuels producer, lets farmers know “POET shares President Trump’s commitment to farm families.” 

President Trump’s plan to lift restrictions on E15 use during the summer driving season would draw down commodity surpluses and improve the bottom line for farmers. 

“America’s farmers face a new ag crisis, with a worldwide record 20 billion bushels of stockpiled grain depressing prices and farm incomes,” said Kyle Gilley, POET Executive Vice President of Communications and External Affairs. 

“Year-round availability of E15 would put that surplus to work, raising corn demand by as much as 2 billion bushels and lowering fuel costs for consumers.

"What we’ve heard from President Trump is that he recognizes these benefits.” 

The “Reid Vapor Pressure” (RVP) regulation has slowed E15 expansion by limiting the high-octane fuel’s use to flex fuel vehicles only from June to September each year. 

In April, President Trump said his administration would fix the problem. 

“We’re going to raise it up to 15 percent and raise it to a 12-month period,” he said. 

POET, which annually purchases approximately 670 million bushels of grain – nearly five percent of the US corn crop – from 30,000 farmers across the Midwest, wants to keep farmers informed of what is happening in Washington.

“Farmers have asked POET for guidance on important biofuels policy decisions,” Gilley said. 

“The E15 issue directly affects their bottom line, so we are trying to keep them informed.”

The new ad started running today on Sirius’ FOX News Channel, ESPN, FOX Sports, and POTUS as well as stations in POET’s seven Midwest footprint states. 

It features audio of President Trump lauding farmers for founding our country, driving independence and feeding our armies. 

“Throughout our history, farmers have always, always, always led the way.”

For more information, please contact Matt Merritt at 605-965-2225 or matt.merritt@poet.com