Biodiesel Industry Urges Congress to Provide Stability and Predictability For Renewable Fuel Standard

Washington, DC - Today, Renewable Energy Group (REG) CEO Randy Howard, on behalf of the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), delivered testimony before the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Environment at a hearing titled “Advanced Biofuels Under the Renewable Fuel Standard: Current Status and Future Prospects.”

Mr. Howard emphasized to subcommittee members that stable, predictable growth for biodiesel are key to the future success of the program.

Mr. Howard concluded his statement to the Subcommittee by saying, “The RFS provides a winning combination of benefits for Americans: greater energy security, substantial environmental benefits, and enhanced value-added agriculture.

"We would ask Congress to continue to support the program and use its oversight authority to ensure that EPA administers the program according to Congress’ intent.”

The subcommittee heard from a panel of seven witnesses, including representatives of the petroleum refining industry and an environmental group.

Mr. Howard stressed the greenhouse gas emission reductions, the feedstock diversity, and the job creation achieved through biodiesel use.

“Biodiesel truly is a success story of the RFS, helping to realize the energy security and environmental benefits that the RFS was intended to achieve,” Mr. Howard stated.

“Biodiesel has consistently delivered more than the RFS currently requires – and we can do much more,” he continued.

Mr. Howard’s submitted testimony is available on the Energy & Commerce Committee website.

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