ICM, Inc. to Implement Systems at New FS Bioenergia Plant in Sorriso, MT

Colwich, KS - Nov. 29, 2018 - ICM, Inc. has announced that it will implement its systems at the newest FS Bioenergia plant in Sorriso, MT.

The Brazil-based FS Bioenergia will adopt ICM proprietary process technologies, including Selective Milling Technology™ (SMT™), Fiber Separation Technology™ (FST™), and Base Tricanter System™ (BTS™).

FS Bioenergia broke ground on the new plant in mid-November and is scheduled to begin production in 2020. The new facility has a nameplate capacity of 630 cubic meters per day.

In addition to the plant in Sorriso, FS Bioenergia will double the capacity of its first corn plant located in Lucas do Rio Verde.

That plant has been using ICM’s technologies since its opening in June 2017 and is currently operating nearly 30 percent over nameplate.

The startup and commissioning of this expanded plant are anticipated for January 2019.

Upon completion of both plants, FS Bioenergia’s total corn capacity will surpass 1 billion liters.

“We are proud that we keep bringing value to our existing customers in Brazil,” Issam Stouky, Global Business Development for ICM, said.

“ICM will continue to promote the use of grains to increase ethanol production capacity in Brazil, and we look forward to promoting biofuels production and sustainable development in this region.”

SMT™, FST™, and BTS™ are all value-added platforms that offer important operational benefits to ethanol manufacturing facilities, including maximizing ethanol and distillers oil production, improving ease of operation, and minimizing energy consumption.

Additionally, the FST™ system also allows bio-refineries to clearly differentiate their feed product portfolio by enabling the production of high protein distillers dried grain (i.e., Hi-Pro DDG).

For more information, please contact Adriana Albornoz at 316-796-0900 or adriana.albornoz@icminc.com