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BlueLeaf Inc. and Dynamotive Release 2nd Year Field Trial Results With Dynamotive CQuestT Biochar

Date Posted: February 18, 2010

Vancouver, Canada—BlueLeaf Inc. of Drummondville, Quebec, Canada and Dynamotive Energy Systems Corp. (OTCBB: DYMTF, announce results Feb. 18 from two years of agricultural field trials of BlueLeaf using CQuestT biochar from DynaMotive as a soil amendment.

These trials were undertaken to experiment with biochar in a commercial farming operation.

Char provided by Dynamotive was applied once at the initiation of trials.

They are also the first biochar field trials undertaken in northerly latitudes (45° north).

Over eighty five parameters were verified during the course of these trials during a period of two years.

Key results include increases in biomass produced with biochar amended soils versus non-treated control areas.

In the case of soybean in 2008, a 20% increase in grain yield was shown and for a forage mixture in 2009 a 100% increase in fresh biomass was obtained.

Other parameters showing increases with CQuest Biochar included earthworm, nematode and mycorrhizal root colonization, supporting the hypothesis that biochar may serve as a refuge for soil microbes. Surface soil water infiltration was also greater in biochar amended soil.

The results of these trials reinforce other research pointing to potentially important advantages for the use of biochar as an agricultural soil amendment, both for economic and environmental reasons.

Barry Husk, President, Blue Leaf Inc. commented: "This study makes a significant contribution to the growing body of knowledge regarding the positive impacts that biochar can have as a soil amendment."

Tom Bouchard, Chief Operating Officer, Dynamotive added, "We are pleased that Barry and the BlueLeaf team continued the study over a 2 year period.

"This enabled the collection of longer term data regarding how one relatively light application (at the initiation of the trials) of CQuest biochar behaves as a soil amendment under real world conditions."

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