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Envergent Technologies and Green Fuel Nordic Oy (Finland) to Collaborate on Biomass Reneweable Fuel For Heating

Date Posted: October 17, 2011

Des Plaines, IL—Envergent Technologies LLC, a Honeywell (NYSE:HON) company, announced today that it signed a memorandum of understanding with Finland’s Green Fuel Nordic Oy under which the two companies would collaborate on projects to convert biomass to renewable fuel for use in district heating systems in Finland.

The companies will evaluate the installation of new facilities to convert forest residues into liquid biofuel using Envergent’s RTP™ rapid thermal processing technology.

RTP produces a clean, liquid biofuel that can be burned in industrial burners for heat, replacing petroleum-based fuel.

Green Fuel Nordic Oy expects to build multiple RTP facilities in Finland over the next several years to supply biofuel for district heating systems that heat residential and commercial buildings from a central location.

“There is significant opportunity in Finland to utilize forest residues to generate clean, renewable heat for use in businesses and residential buildings,” said Dave Cepla, managing director for Honeywell’s Envergent Technologies joint venture.

“There is strong momentum in the region for renewable fuel, and we believe that RTP can provide a new and economical path to meet those needs.”

Finland has targeted that 38 percent of its energy use be generated from renewable sources by 2020.

"Envergent RTP™ commercially proven technology could provide a great opportunity to establish distributed biorefineries in Finland and meet the country’s broader strategy for local energy production.

"Green Fuel Nordic's biorefinery investments in Finland will provide a strong roadmap to produce liquid biofuels leveraging local forest-based feedstock" said Vesa Kainulainen, chairman of the board for Green Fuel Nordic Oy.

Envergent’s RTP technology works by rapidly heating biomass at ambient pressure to generate high yields of a liquid biofuel.

The fuel, known as RTP green fuel, can be burned in industrial burners to produce heat or to power electric generators.

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