Incbio to Construct Biodiesel Plant For DC Biofuels in Washington, DC

Date Posted: January 8, 2013

Incbio, a leading Portuguese engineering company, who specializes in state of the art fully automated industrial ultrasonic Biodiesel plants, has just secured an agreement to supply DC Biofuels with a 7.5 million gallon per year (28.000 MT/year) Biodiesel plant.

It will incorporate Incbio’s ultrasonic reactors, as well as solid catalyst acid esterification technology, to produce Biodiesel from used cooking oils with up to 25% FFA, collected from restaurants and food outlets in Washington DC.

The deal will see DC Biofuels obtaining one of the most advanced Biodiesel plants in the US, utilizing technology that is both innovative and widely proven in Biodiesel production plants globally.

Incbio has recently introduced solid catalyst technology for acid esterification of high FFA feedstock into its plants, result of many years of research by one of the leading chemical manufacturers in the world and widely proven in industrial applications.

The deal has been closed by Incbio and DC Biofuels, through mediation and support from International Procurement Tools (IPT), which proved instrumental throughout the negotiation stages.

For more information, call +351 220 171 082.