U.S. Energy Initiatives Corp. to Build Small-Scale Biodiesel Plants in California

Date Posted: January 8, 2013

Santa Clarita, CA—U.S. ENERGY INITIATIVES CORP (OTC: USEI) announces Jan. 8 that is has signed a Letter of Intent to form a Joint Venture that will provide the tools, experience and support to build several small scale biodiesel plants in California featuring Methes Energies Canada Inc.'s Denami 600 technology.

According to Anthony Miller, CEO, "We are excited to be working with companies with such stellar reputations.

"The Management of USEI believes that In 2013 U.S. Energy Initiatives will center on biodiesel first, then later its oil and gas technologies.

"We have decided to take this green alternative path first, because it provides us with the most successful path possible.

"We have formed joint ventures with two (2) companies that have significant success in this field, and these relationships are those that will fuel our growth.

Methes Energies Canada Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Methes Energies International Ltd, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ under the symbol MEIL is a biodiesel equipment provider and biodiesel producer.

Our second joint venture firm (yet to be named) is a biodiesel producing company located in Riverside County, California; these are our venture companies.

Under our joint ventures with these firms, we will develop a biodiesel producing plant in Southern California with a capacity of producing over 1 million gallons per year featuring the Methes' Denami 600 biodiesel processor (See video:

The Denami 600, one of Methes main products, has one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

The Denami 600 can quickly and easily be set up anywhere to produce 1.3 million gallons of ASTM quality biodiesel per year.

The Denami 600 is modular and scalable in 1.3 million gallons per year increments.

"This plant is our primary focus for the first half of 2013, our goal is to build our initial biodiesel plant in here and build other plants throughout the U.S where strategically possible, based upon the success of our initial operations."

"Methes will be involved in all aspects of this venture and we will delineate greater information about this plan incoming weeks which will include our financing plan," further comment Miller

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