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United Wisconsin Grain Producers Purchases Fluid-Quip Process Technologies' MSC System

Date Posted: February 19, 2015

Fluid Quip Process Technologies is pleased to announce that United Wisconsin Grain Producers® (UWGP) has purchased FQPT’s Maximized Stillage Co-Products™(MSC) System.

The patented MSC™ System produces Still Pro 50™, a 50% purity high-value protein product from stillage.

The MSC™ System also improves corn oil yield and clarifies thin stillage. MSC™ has been in full scale operation for over 5 years and UWGP® marks the third system sold.

“FQPT® leverages years of corn wet-milling expertise and equipment design know-how to bring game-changing technologies to the industry”, says Michael Franko, VP Business Development.

“The MSC™ System produces a product with a proven track record trading in the high-value protein market that is truly differentiated from corn and DDGS.

"UWGP® has previously installed our SGT™ Milling Technology and we are excited to add them as a partner for our MSC™ technology”, adds Franko.

The MSC™ System utilizes the patented Fluid-Quip® Filtration Centrifuge to achieve protein product purities and yields to truly add significant value to a dry-grind plant’s bottom line.

Barb Bontrager, General Manager of UWGP® stated “It’s all about implementing proven technologies as they become available to constantly advance our processes and efficiencies; thereby continually improving for the betterment of our stakeholders.”

For more information, please contact Michael Franko at

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