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Fisher Mills Flour Mill Operations

Date Posted: October 13, 1999

Fisher Mills operates some of the largest wheat milling facilities in the Western United States. The four mills grind the finest spring and winter wheat to consistently produce the highest quality flour available.

The latest developments in milling skills, production and technology make Fisher one of the leaders in the milling industry today.

Fisher Mill Inc. 3235 16th Ave. SW Seattle, Washington 98134 Tel: (206) 622-4430 Fax: (206) 682-3676

The Seattle based mill began operating in 1911 in the heart of the Port of Seattle. This large conventional mill is one of the largest on the west coast milling 16,500 cwt. per day. The mill makes a broad range of products for customers including hard and soft wheat flours, specialty blends and specific blends and specific flours for baking purposes.

Fisher Mills Inc 5325 North Marine Dr. Portland, Oregon 97203 Tel: (503) 285-9900 Fax: (503) 283-0498

The Portland, Oregon mill began operating in 1986 at Rivergate Industrial Park. This compact milling facility produces 1,000 cwt. per day. It primarily produces specialty formulated white bread flour for wholesale and retail bakery clients. It serves as a shipping port for customers being supplemented with product from one of the other three Fisher mills. Also the Portland mill distributes bakery related products.

Fisher Mills Inc. 2455 Tenaya Dr. Modesto, CA 95324 Tel: (209) 544-2478 Fax: (209) 544-0803

The Modesto mill began operating in 1995 and currently has a milling capacity of 3,000 cwt. per day, with its three compact units. The facility primarily produces totilla and soft wheat flour. It serves also to supplement volume from the Seattle, Blackfoot and Portland Fisher mills as well.

Fisher Mills Inc. 463 West US Hwy. 26 Blackfoot, Idaho 83221 Tel (208) 785-2800

The Blackfoot mill began operating in 1997. It has a capacity equal to the mill in Seattle with 16,500 cwt. per day. The mill services the Western Mountain regions of the United States.

For more information, call 206-363-1492.

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