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Frontline Bioenergy and SGC Energia Enter Capital Investment and Technology Licensing Agreement

Date Posted: April 26, 2011

Frontline BioEnergy and SGC Energia announced April 20 that the companies have completed a set of transactions that will bring new capital investment to Frontline, an Iowa-based gasification technology and project development firm.

The scope of these transactions includes an agreement for SGC Energia to license Frontline gasification and gas conditioning technologies and a multi-year contract for Frontline to provide a range of engineering services to support SGC Energia.

SGC Energia is a strongly financed, private European company with main engineering and project management office in Houston, Texas.

SGC Energia is a licensor of various leading technologies used in the transformation of biomass into Fischer-Tropsch (FT) products.

The company is developing and licensing an integrated package of such technology solutions (XTLH) to transform low value feedstock into advanced fuels.

SGC Energia intends to leverage Frontline’s expertise in gasification technologies and project development to enhance its strategic efforts.

With this Series B round investment, SGC Energia joins members of the Frontline management team and founding partner Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company as owners and managers of Frontline BioEnergy.

Frontline is a leading developer and licenser of air and oxygen-blown, pressurized, bubbling fluid bed gasifiers, proprietary PMFreeGas hot gas filtration and other gas conditioning technologies that are well suited for biomass and waste to energy projects.

Frontline’s range of applicability extends into advanced biofuels and bio-products.

In addition to supporting its new partner’s strategic initiatives, Frontline will continue to develop its own businesses of supplying gasification systems to bioenergy, Waste-to-Energy and advanced biofuels project developers as well as developing its own projects.

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