Vanguard Synfuels Holds Grand Opening For Refurbished Biodiesel Plant in Alexandria, LA

Date Posted: August 8, 2011

Alexandria, LA—Just 19 miles north of here, the small community of Pollock in north-central Louisiana will once again hear the rumble of trains and trucks moving out clean, renewable biodiesel.

To celebrate, Vanguard Synfuels, LLC, is having a grand opening of its newly refurbished 15 million gallons per year biodiesel plant starting at 10 am until about 2 pm on Monday, August 8, 2011.

The facility is located at 737 Abe Hall Road, Pollock, LA 71467.

The company goes back to 2003 and was founded by a group of local foresters and loggers who turned a former ammonia plant into a renewable fuel facility for biodiesel.

The re-started plant will process 15 million gallons per year of high quality biodiesel.

Operations ceased in 2007 due to the high cost of the soy oil feedstock that the biodiesel fuel was being made from.

To reduce these high material costs, the company lead by Darrell Dubroc, CEO, just completed some innovative engineering and re-tooling that now enables the use of a far wider range of less expensive feedstocks including used cooking oil and waste fats from poultry, fish and farm animals.

Mr. Dubroc indicates soy oil and other crop-based virgin oils make excellent fuel and will still be used, but only when cost effective.

"As we have done from our inception, we pride ourselves in making the highest quality biodiesel fuel in the nation, if not the entire world.

"Our reputation depends on it.

"We have a very focused technology development strategy ahead of us.

"We have to stay in synch with an industry very much on the move.

"For instance, we expect to be using locally available logging waste to power our the steam boiler and eventually as our primary feedstock when the technology is ready.”

In fact, Vanguard is highly optimistic about its future now that the EPA's "Renewable Fuel Standard 2" is well under way.

This federal mandated program, now a year old, provides a strong market-based incentive for petroleum refiners to buy the company's ASTM 6751 certified biodiesel - as the EPA requires them to blend a certain percentage of renewable fuels into their petro-fuels.

The program runs through 2022 reaching a target of 36 billion gallons per year.

And the company isn't forgetting the local community either and guarantees it will have plenty of biodiesel for farmers, loggers, school districts and municipalities where vehicles can fill up with the clean burning fuel without any modifications to their diesel engines.

Biodiesel typically burns 60% to 80% cleaner than petroleum diesel and significantly reduces the harmful effects of greenhouse gases.

The company has created 24 good paying permanent jobs which will contribute about $3.2 million per year to the local economy.

Vanguard Synfuels is dedicated to national energy security and a clean environment and to Louisiana's zero waste and sustainability goals.

For more information, call 318-542-7280, ext. 1.

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