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Washington State University Research: New Catalyst Could Improve Biofuels Production  10/16

Michigan State University: Discovery of Cellular Quiescence Repressor Advances Biofuel Research  10/14

University of Wisconsin Study Finds Grasslands Produce Ample Biomass For Renewable Fuels  10/10

Brookhaven National Lab Researchers Discover New Ways to Increase Oil Content in Biomass   10/08

Korea Research Team Discovers Method to Produce Ethanol From Red Algae (BusinessKorea)  10/07

Wageningen UR (Netherlands) Researchers Develop Method to Help Create Biobased Production Chains From Source Materials to End Products  10/07

MIT Researchers Develop New Approach to Help Yeast Tolerate High Ethanol Levels  10/02

Chalmers University of Technology Researchers Demonstrate Thermotolerant Yeast For More Efficient Ethanol Production  10/02

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Researchers Sequence Bacterial Genome Important to Fuel and Chemical Production  10/02

Arizona State University Researcher Studies Whether Biofuels Offer Reprieve From Fossil-Powered Future  9/26

Purdue University Researchers Uncover Structure of Enzyme That Makes Plant Cellulose  9/25

University of Illinois Researchers Find Some Microbe Candidates For Biofuels Reside in Human Intestines  9/24

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK) Scientists Find Plant Variants Point Way to Improved Biofuel Production  9/24

Swinburne University of Technology Researchers Develop Technique to Convert Winery Waste to Biofuel  9/24

Institute For Advanced Learning and Research Scientists Publishes Switchgrass Research  9/19

Purdue University Startup Commercializes Tech For Renewable Chemicals and More Efficient Biofuels Production   9/15

Imperial College London (UK) Researchers Engineer Bacteria to Produce Propane   9/05

Southwest Research Institute (TX) Expands Biofuels Capabilities With Custon-Designed Circulating Fluidized Bed System  9/04

Energy Biosciences Institute Researchers Investigate Novel Ways to Release Plant Sugars From Lignin  9/02

Manitoba Doubles Biomass Energy Support Program Funding  8/26

National Renewable Energy Lab Researchers Develop New Process to Overcome Obstacles to Produce Renewable Fuels and Chemicals  8/21

Pacific Northwest National Lab Researchers Find Water Leads to Chemical That Gunks Up Bio-Oil Production  8/20